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America’s widening gap between the rich and poor — and this country’s fast-disappearing sense of security and progress and economic stability — is so far the top pick among the 20 subjects I presented as part of a new project called Change the List.


You pick it, CNN will cover it

VOTE on CNN Change the List topics here. We’ve put forward 20 options. Will report on the top five you choose. 

Here’s what some people/orgs are saying on Twitter:

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You pick it, CNN will cover it

Pick your top five from this list and VOTE HERE! I’ll cover the winning five as part of CNN’s Change the List project. Voting closes next Monday.

Here are the topics to choose from: 

  1. No toilets: In one country, 90% don’t have basic sanitation.
  2. Rivers: Some U.S. rivers are dry or overrun with pollution. 
  3. Malaria: The country with the highest death rate. 
  4. Free speech: One nation ranks BELOW North Korea.
  5. Happiness: The saddest rich country could use cheering up.
  6. Internet: Some U.S. towns have little to no access.
  7. Rape: Some communities suffer disproportionately. 
  8. Dropouts: One state has a 60% graduation rate. 
  9. Extreme poverty: Children are hit hardest. 
  10. Moms: In one country, 1 in 100 births kills mom.
  11. Roads: They kill 1.3M/year. Smarter laws could help.
  12. Polio: Three countries stand in the way of eradication. 
  13. Women: Five countries have no women in the legislature. 
  14. Animals: Illegal trades empty ecosystems and line pockets.
  15. Leprosy: +200K cases are detected each year. Still.
  16. Conflict: The deadliest wars aren’t always in the news.
  17. Prison: Which U.S. state is most likely to lock you up?
  18. Land mines: They still kill thousands per year.
  19. Inequality: One U.S. state is the most unequal of all.
  20. Drugs: U.S. demand fuels cartel violence. 

After we have the winners, we’ll work together to push for change in places that need it most. Each story focuses on the extreme case — and the goal is to start a conversation that, over time, could bump these places off the bottom of the list. Thanks for your vote and support! —John


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On who votes and who doesn’t …

Educated people are much more likely to vote …

So are rich people …

And, in Hawaii, whites are more likely to vote than other groups …

Note that blacks and Hispanics are not included in this chart because the Census Bureau, which conducted national surveys to get this data, did not sample a statistically significant number of black or Hispanic people in Hawaii. 

So what does all this mean? 

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