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It’s a really volunteer, grass-roots driven effort. It’s by and large a younger set of volunteers, in their 20s and 30s, who really believe in the fundamental principle of democracy — that everybody ought to have an equal voice in it and equal power to shape the future of our government. And that promise has really rung hollow for a long time … The only way to restore that is to get out and start to re-engage ourselves and each other in political life. It has to start there or it’s not going to happen.
James Koshiba, executive director of Kanu Hawaii, explaining the group’s door-to-door, person-to-person efforts to increase voter participation in the state.

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From non-voter to political candidate

On Saturday, Edythe McNamee, a CNN videographer, and I went canvassing with a group called Kanu Hawaii. Volunteers are trying to increase the state’s low voter turnout rate. One of the people we followed from door to door, avoiding barking dogs and suspicious glares from some residents, was 36-year-old Joe Heaukulani.

He told us a remarkable story of transformation.

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