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Edythe McNamee and I go on a journey through Hawaii — figuring out why that state ranks dead last in terms of voter turnout. Our goal: Change the List.

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Make voting contagious: ‘My one vote could inspire other people to vote, too’

Nick Fancher is a senior at Punahou School, the green-tile-roofed, collegiate-looking school in Honolulu that Barack Obama once attended. Still, the 18-year-old isn’t sure who he will vote for in November. Voters should focus on issues, he said, not name recognition and personality. 

So the fact that Obama went to his school doesn’t sway him much. 

One thing is certain, though: Fancher, unlike most eligible Hawaii residents, will vote in November. In a quick conversation on Thursday, he shared a powerful idea about how Hawaii voters can encourage others to do the same: Tell your friends you’re voting, he said, and voting may become contagious.

“Even though I only have one vote,” he said, “I think my one vote could inspire other people to vote, too.”

Photo: Edythe McNamee/CNN