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The defeat of the [Minnesota] voter ID constitutional amendment, along with the [state] Legislature’s flip from Republican to Democratic control, is likely put that issue on indefinite hold. But it won’t end the debate over the need for some changes in state election law.

A lot of news Tuesday night, and oddly the presidential and senatorial races plus marriage equality and marijuana decriminalization initiatives got more attention than this. (Ha!)

But it’s worth noting that Minnesota’s Voter ID ballot initiative failed approximately 54 to 46 percent.  In light of the fact that voter ID requirements generally are supported by upwards of 75 percent of the population, this was a huge win for voting rights activists. It just goes to prove that when you explain the issue and fight for the vote, you can win.

Even without photo ID, election system likely to see changes | Minnesota Public Radio News

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Here’s the CNN Change the List story on why Minnesota is tops at voting.