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What is this?

CNN’s “Change the List” is a new approach to reporting.

Led by columnist John D. Sutter, the project aims to push for change on intractable issues in forgotten places. 

Each Change the List story focuses on an extreme case: The state with the lowest voter turnout rate; the state with the highest rate of income inequality; the river that’s most endangered. 

The goal is to start a conversation that could push these places off the bottom of their respective lists.

We can help create a better world together. 

Sutter will report six Change the List projects in the coming months. You chose five of them by popular vote in June 2013. A sixth will be chosen by a group of CNN editors. 

Check back soon to find out which project we’ll tackle first. 

Here are the five issues you selected:

  1. The state with the highest rate of income inequality
  2. The worst illegal wildlife trade
  3. The place where rape is most common
  4. The poorest kids in the world
  5. America’s most endangered river
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